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Lambak Pulik: A History

I purchased my first Puli in March of 1989.  Since then I was smitten with the Puli.  Wicket was my first Puli pup and he flew in from Tennessee sight unseen, a little black ball of fur.  He was a boy and he was a little timid at first to come out of his crate.  Once we got him home and settled in, he was soon saying "watch out world; here I come".  It was fortunate for him that I knew my way around dogs, having trained many before him. This little guy wanted to be an alpha male and tried so hard to have his way.  He was such a smart "kid" and knew just how to wrap his cords around my heart.  It didn't take long before I was taken over by the breed.

CH Schickedanz's Flyin' Wicket CDX HT (CGC) 

As proven by his titles, Wicket took well to Conformation, Obedience and Herding.  He was in the Top 10 all breed for two years in a row.  He loved the conformation ring and I still have people asking about him at shows. He also achieved Best Veteran at a Puli National.  I had a lot of fun with him.  The fun-filled memories mean more to me than the titles he earned.  That is something I believe in with all my "kids."  They are family first.  If they find a niche they like such as conformation, obedience, agility, herding etc., then by all means we play. 

I couldn't get enough of the Puli breed, so I joined the Puli Club of America and made my first National Specialty in the fall of 1989.  I didn't want to just produce dogs, so I tried to learn from the best by following the Puli Club of America's Standard for the Puli.  Additionally, I spoke to many breeders, watched several videos, read books, and dissected many pedigrees.  I never intended to become a breeder, but soon I was ready for my second Puli: Broughan came into my world in the summer of 1990. 

CH Downhome Royal Fair CDX  (Broughan aka Dodie aka Grandma) 

In 1991 I purchased my third Puli puppy, Riley (Ch Bow Down Life O'Riley CD NA OAJ), in hopes of using him in my breeding program.  He was a sweetheart and had deep dark brown eyes that could melt anybody's heart. But he had too many conformation faults that prevented him from being used.  Instead, he proved to love agility and when I was not too busy in the conformation ring, we would venture to agility trials.  He had two of the three legs he needed towards his Excellent title before his untimely death.

The kennel name Lambak Pulik came about one afternoon when I took my kids to a pizza parlor.  On the wall was a picture advertising a Duxbak waterproof shirt, with the slogan "Like water off a duck's back."   For those familiar with the Puli breed, I am sure they have seen the famous National Geographic print of a Puli on a sheep's back.  That is where and when I connected the image of the Duxbak shirt with the National Geographic Print of a Puli on a lamb's back.  Duxbak.  Lamb's Back.  And the name Lambak Pulik was born.  

Wicket and Broughan were the foundation of Lambak Pulik.  And in 1994 Lambak Pulik had its very first litter.

19 Pups. 11 Champions. 8 pet homes.

Credit: A puli stops a runaway sheep by jumping on its back (colour litho), Weber, Walter
Alois (1906-79) / National Geographic Image Collection / The Bridgeman Art Library

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